Monday, April 12, 2010

Shopping, Parenting and Racism

So there I was, standing in line at Hot Topic, patiently explaining to MoMo that she could get down and play after we left the store, when she hauled off and slapped me.  On the cheek.  Hard. On purpose. 

Up to that point, I didn't know toddlers did that.

Now, because MoMo is a foster child,  we can't use any physical discipline. At all.  So, I grabbed her hands, held them still, and told her, "Bad MoMo. No hitting. Bad girl."

The man in line in front of us turned around, glared at me, and said, "You can't talk to that baby like that!"

I was shocked. I've never jumped in on people and their kids, even when they desperately cried out for it.  And to have someone call me on it when I thought I was handling things pretty well shocked the shit out of me.
I responded, "Number one, not your concern. Number two, what do you want me to do, punch her?" And then I stared at him, daring me to say something else.

He got so flustered, he dropped his stuff on the counter, and stomped out of the store.

The clerk grinned. "Good for you!  I think you handled that just fine!"

Before I ask my questions, remember that I'm white and MoMo is a beautiful milk chocolate color.

Here are my questions:
  1. Would the man have said anything if MoMo and I were the same race?
  2. Would he have said anything if he and MoMo weren't both black?
  3. Was he just being a general Mr. Buttinski, and I'm just being too sensitive?
  4. Is the world really still that bassackward?


  1. what an ass! good for you for speaking up. my answers are no, no, no, and yes.

  2. My answers:

    1) Maybe
    2) Maybe
    3) No, he was putting his nose in your business
    4) Yes, the world is very backward


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