Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sonnet II--Another Poem

(Note: I wrote this in January after Dawn left again. Since she has now spent two nights in a row on my sofa, I felt compelled to share.)

There are only so many sad songs left
That I haven’t cried to, and wished that you
Were still in your room. Still, I am bereft
And broken at the silence that was you.
I need more songs that demonstrate the ache
Left behind when a child decides to leave
Without saying goodbye, and the heartbreak
Of honestly not knowing how to grieve.
You aren’t dead. You just don’t want to be mine.
Your heartscars left just enough room for me
To hang on and pray for Divine life line.
Perhaps, in faith, God might acknowledge me.
I used to tell you not to stomp and slam—
before I knew how much that I’d miss them.

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