Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop!! (Prompt # 2:  Write a poem about the last thing that made you mad.)

What makes me mad tonight
is the sudden truth
that no matter how
love my
their birth moms
will always be

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  1. So true…

    My wife's kids are not mine and I am usually reminded of it. Thankfully they were both teenagers and I now seem to get along with them like an Uncle instead of a father.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.

    We've all been there. Usually twice a week. Being the silver medalist sucks. Big.

    Hope you get your turn at the gold because sometimes you do!

  3. hopefully someday they will understand how much you love them.

  4. Having nothing to do with your cool poem...What did you do to make Blogger put a content warning on your blog? You seem pretty benign to me.

  5. Running in bare feet
    Slap, slap, with underpants down.
    Meniacal laugh.

    Spit. Urinate. Bang.
    Slip and slide on the crumbled
    linoleum floor.

    My heart and soul ache.
    Reason and logic defied.
    Mad numbs my black fear.

  6. Cajoh-- It sucks no matter how you land in second place. Not so much the second place part, but the endless drama that goes along with it.

    Robin--Thanks. Maybe someday my training will be up to par!!! :-)

    Coffee--That's what I keep telling myself, that someday, somehow they will realize that "biological" is not a synonym for "real," and that the real mom is the one who does the job.

    JWG-- I put the content warning on because sometimes I vent a lot and it's not always nice. Plus I talk about my kids a lot, and our conversations are not always close to PG. I just figuted I'd play it safe...

    Mom-- You win. And I can totally see it, as if it happened right in front of me.... Oh wait!! It's RAD! Yay us!!!

    Thanks everyone for visiting!


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