Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey! 14 Followers of Mine!! I have a question...

Since I'm very new at this, I have lots of questions. But right now, the biggest one is this:

How and when do you find time to write?  I have some great ideas for topics I'd like to broach, but don't have the time.... 


I'm off to play with the Pervy Penguin!  


  1. I write after the kids go to bed. Of course, as I type this all three of them joined me due to a thunder storm...*sigh*

  2. I usually write during odd hours (before bed or in the morning before the kids are up). I also write at work occasionally. I can't wait to read your blog posts!

  3. I get up an hour early for some quiet time. [ps you have a lot more than 14 followers, those 14 are your public followers] :)

  4. I do most of my posting early morning, before I start work. I also write during breaks and my lunch hour.

  5. I write it in my head during the day and when I have a chance to sit down I just type it out. Maybe that's why none of my posts are coherent! I never spend more than 5 minutes.

  6. I blog at night because I have insomnia. I blog in the morning when I'm putting off going to work. I blog at work (it's good to be the owner of the company).

    My biggest time sucker is my Google Reader (I read about 100 blogs - not all of which post regularly but still!).

    I write my posts in my head and then forget them before I can get them typed.

    Mary in TX

    PS If you want to know how many readers you really have then you can install this free stat counter. I love checking mine out.


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