Friday, June 25, 2010

Add a Stanza Saturday

Add a stanza to the verse below, and see what happens.  I only had one participant last time I did this, so I'm going for 100% improvement in blog involvment....which means only TWO of you need to respond.... 

I wish I could get paid to write,
it never would get old;
But life and kids and bills to pay
just seem to stop me cold.

In the comment section, add your stanza.  

The more the merrier! If I keep doing it, maybe I can get a nifty button to share.... 

Happy weekend!


  1. I wish I could get paid to paint,
    Like Rembrandt or Monet;
    And visit Paris in the spring...
    But here I have to stay.

  2. Mama--Your stanza? Yep, worked just fine!

  3. I wish I could get paid to write
    Thoughts about my crazy life.
    But, if I did work at home,
    I'd have to get me a crazy wife!


  4. I wish I could get paid to parent,
    it is always such hard work.
    Instead I go to my "real" job,
    and try to focus on the duties I shirk.

    Mary in TX

  5. I wish I could get paid to sleep
    For children, I have none
    My niece and nephew I do keep
    No discipline... just fun


If you are an adoptive parent or have one in your family somewhere, talk to me. I could use some insanity that does NOT call me mom!!