Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up-- June 13

Hello everyone. It's been kind of quiet, but still full of some interesting blips on the radar. Here they are... Biggest TMI moment: Both my teenage daughters spontaneously sharing that that they rarely wear underwear. I feel like a total mom failure. Danae: Mom, you never free-ball it? Me: Um, no. One, I have no balls. Two, that's just nasty. Danae: How is it nasty? Sometimes you have to just air it out. Me: Not every day, and certainly not out of the house. Danae: Man I hardly ever wear underwear. Me: Again, nasty. And TMI. Danae: How is that nasty? I'm being serious! Me: I am too! Your body produces natural moisture down there, and to not have some protection between that and your clothes is just gross. I totally lost that argument. I looked like an uncool fuddy-duddy. Which I am, but still. Ew.

HALELUJAH Moment: Dawn is NOT prego!! Thank GodAllahBuddha. That's a huge problem we don't need or want. Ugh. I don't want her to be permanently infertile, but a ten year moratorium on egg release in her uterus would go a long way toward making me happy.

Nail-biter Moment: Leigh might go to juvie jail, or "detention" as they call it here, for her role in the "I'm-going-to-buy-and-smoke-weed-with-some-total-strangers-in-a-car-with-a-baby" caper.

Mom Dilemma: We let Danae spend the weekend with a friend, and she came home bruised--neck, arm, leg. I asked her about them, and apparently, she got into at least two physical fights with her girlfriend. "We both have anger problems and we don't know when to stop or how to control it."

She made comments about having provoked it, and not stopping the fight when her girlfriend tried to stop it. That it was her fault. And that she'd rather her girlfriend get violent with her than to start cutting again.

I was beyond shocked. I used to volunteer for a crisis line, and I flat told her she sounded like a battered woman, which technically given her and her girlfriend's pasts, they are. If they are BOTH equally domestically violent to each other, how do you convince them that they are BOTH wrong?

And what does it say about me that if she were dating a guy I'd freaking kill him for bruising my kid, but that because she's dating a girl, I'm less angry about it? Am I wrong in this? In size they're about evenly matched, which I know doesn't matter in domestic violence, but at least one of them isn't completely dominating the other.

This is something new for me--straight couple, parenting an adopted lesbian daughter-- navigating the differences is a little odd.

MoMo Brag: She now can use bless you, please, thank you and your're welcome correctly. She's learning to tell us when she needs a new diaper. We go to court for panel review tomorrow for both babies. I have such mixed feelings. Ugh.

NaNa Brag: She is just a little bundle of smiles and happy screechy sounds that sort of sound like what a billy goat would do if at least partially cracked out.

Political/Confession: I really love the TV show Whale Wars. If I ever become a gazillionaire, I'm so buying them cool toys. I may have to buy some promo merchandise just cuz I think it's cool.

TGIF of the Week: Our school district FINALLY had its last day with students. We actually had a quiet closing, which considering the last few months was a blessing. I pondered teaching summer school, but after the past two years of my life, I need a break. So I'm taking one.

The Big Store That Sells Everything. Doesn't: I know that last summer, there was a lotion that slowed down hair growth. I combed the HBA section and couldn't find it. Grrrrrrr. I am such a hairy person that I have to shave everyday. You probably didn't want to know that, but that lotion (it was Aveeno last year) helped. A lot. And since it has been nearly 100 degrees for the last few days, I am definitely NOT wearing long pants.

Moment of Personal Realization: I am getting addicted to blogging. I find myself checking my email and logging into my blog several times a day to see if anyone has commented my blogs. I have become a comment whore. And does it make sense that a post I was really proud of that didn't get commented by anyone kind of hurt my feelings? How lame-o is that? I'm such a wuss!!

Book I'm Reading Right Now: Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart: Thirty True Things You Need to Know Now by Gordon Livingston. The four I've read so far are dead on right... It's not preachy, but not dumbed down. "There are only three things you need for happiness: something to do, someone to love and something to look forward to."

Anyhoo.... it's getting late, and I have the joys of post-planning to look forward to. Yay!


  1. Just letting you know that I really enjoy your weekly wrap-ups

  2. Yay!! You caught that hint, didja? Thanks!!

  3. I have almost a whole bottle of this stuff that I bought but never used becaue I couldn't remember to put it on. It's at least a year or two old, but you're welcome to it if you live near Central TX and want to come get it! I seriously doubt it's worth mailing.

    Mary in TX

    I had to LOL! My word verification was WAXINGEO (wax and go!)

  4. That's too funny Mary!!

    I refuse to wax... I had a bad, bad experience with that as a teenager, and am not going down that path again. Ever.

    I've always wanted to visit Texas... Other than hot, what's it like?

  5. Texas is so big that it's different wherever you live. The following is a total stereotype:

    In the Panhandle there's mountains and skiing. I've never been there so don't have much info.

    In East Texas it's casual ranches and rattlesnakes. Just about everyone carries a shotgun (my stepmom grew up there and she has a bigger gun collection than my dad - former CIA military guy) to protect themselves from snakes. We have lots of wild animals and poisonous kinds of snakes. If you read Pioneer Woman's blog, this describes East Texas.

    We have two huge urban centers (Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth) that are big city but with a twist. We're a little more casual, a little friendlier, and a little more polished. We have "ladies who lunch" in linen slacks or starched jeans with perfect manicures and hair that doesn't move. We don't go to the mall wearing anything less than perfectly turned out.

    San Antonio is urban in size, but feels more ethnic. It's a little bit of touristy Mexico.

    Austin is weird and proud of it. We're the live music capital, urban and casual at the same time. It's very green (both in attitude and lots of trees). Some of the richest men in the world wander around in ancient cowboy hats, jeans and boots driving old pickups. Austin is known as the allergy capital as well. If you don't have allergies when you get here, Austin will give them to you.

    Galveston, Corpus Christi, these places are right on the beach. Casual living with a hint of Spring Break vacation. Fantastic fresh seafood in hole in the wall dives. Hot and humid!

    Weather wise it gets super hot in the Summer which starts about April and ends about mid-October. We wear jeans or shorts and t-shirts almost all year round. It may be super hot outside, but know that EVERYone has air conditioning and it blasts all the time. Spring is pretty much March and April.

    In October it starts to rain and it gets kind of cold in November through January. Christmas we're always holding our breath hoping it gets cold enough to wear a sweater. It snows here about every 7 years (usually in February). Ice storms happen much more frequently (January) and the city freezes (pun intended) because no one here knows how to drive on ice and those that do stay off the road to avoid the idiots.

    Did I represent my state? I wasn't born here, but I got here as fast as I could!

    Mary in TX


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