Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When you make the therapist cry...

When you make the therapist cry, is it a good thing or a bad thing? 

As my hoardes of readers know, Leigh is a bit of a pistol, and we've been put in court-ordered family therapy.

Today was our second session, and she left in tears. 

We'd played a therapy game where we had to make a bunch of popsicle sticks stay in a stack on top of  a cup, without talking or communicating.  Leigh purposely made it hard by placing her sticks awkwardly when it was her turn to put a stick on the stack. 

In the processing, it was noted by Hubby, me, and Danae that Leigh often does things to intentionally make things harder or worse. 

Then, we all had to write on a piece of paper how we saw Leigh.  Then we had to share what we wrote. 

After everyone read, the therapist was out the door in less than two minutes, tears in her eyes.  The statements we read were the standard "we love you no matter what wish you wouldn't make it so hard" kinds of things....

I don't  know if I'm proud of the fact that we made her cry, or ashamed, or worried... or a fun combination of all three.


  1. I swear when i saw this in reader, it said 'When you make THE RAPIST cry' and was like WTH?
    But i like this post anyway.

    And now this seems like a really bad comment.

  2. That made me laugh, because I have always seen "the rapist" when I see the word therapist and wondered if I were the only one who did!!

    Beautiful comment!!

    (Although, If I am to be honest, I am such a comment ho, I probably would have drooled a little over an assassination threat...)


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